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You can also subscribe to CERIC's email list. Supported by the Foundation, CERIC is a charitable organization that advances education and research in career counselling and career development.

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The Counselling Foundation of Canada is a private foundation, which champions learning and career development to help Canadians nurture the gifts and talents within themselves. Our vision is a day when all Canadians are living purposeful and productive lives, helping to build a better, more prosperous society.

In 2012, our Board of Directors undertook a year-long strategic review process to clarify the Foundation’s role and define how to most effectively direct its efforts in the coming years. The resultant Strategic Plan articulates a continued focus on the career counselling and career development sphere.


The goals of the Foundation are:


  • To promote the effective delivery of career counselling through reputable and credible existing institutions (education, religious and community) to individuals involved in the process of career development;
  • To work towards the professionalization of counselling and promote public education which clarifies the role and qualifications of counsellors;
  • To provide leadership in the philanthropic and charitable sectors;
  • To help foster a sense of clarity and pride in the career counselling and career development profession; and
  • To play a role in influencing the discussion of the link between education and work.
The Counselling Foundation of Canada is proud to support CERIC and its programs: